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I don’t know how I feel about this video. On one hand, I’d want to do the same thing but with my U-lock. Had I caught the person who stole my bike three years ago, I might have lost my temper, too.  On the other, it seems like assault since they don’t turn him in but just vent; it’s all after the crime (theft) has been stopped — maybe?

On both hands, is he just going to do it again?  Did they accomplish nothing but venting (for which they might have a right I guess), or did they scare this guy out of trying to steal bikes (and maybe getting that drill in his forehead) in the future?


HELP! Some very bad people have stolen bikes meant for hard-working young cyclists. They need your help!

Belair-Edison Neighborhoods Inc. (BENI) received a grant to promote park stewardship among our young people. Ten kids (ages 7-13) have been earning bikes through acts of community service — mostly gardening at the community gardens in the park and helping out with Movies in the Park. They have also done some clean ups on a few blocks throughout the community.

The bikes they are earning are gently-used (bought with a portion of the grant money) and as part of their time, they are attending bike workshops to fix the bikes. Attached are photos from their workshops with Velocipede.

This past weekend, the bikes were stolen from the storage shed. No doubt, someone saw them working on them and placing them in the shed and then took advantage of the situation. Their helmets, pumps, and locks were also stolen.

Now, we need your help to replace the bikes. We need 5-20” boys’ bikes; 3-20” girls’ bikes; 2-24” girls bikes; plus 5 boys’ and 5 girls’ helmets.

If you have a bike you wish to donate, please contact

Thanks so much.

Mary Warlow
Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc.

If you know anything about this or are able to help out, please contact Mary Marlow at the address above, or you can contact Johnny, who will put in you touch with these fine folks.  You might have a currently unused bike in your basement or garage that could be put to very good use.


This also just in:


Could you also help promote our bike ride with the Mayor this Friday, July 24th? We’re meeting her in Herring Run Park by the Movie Shed (3900 Belair Road) at 7:30am. We’d love a big turnout, so all are welcome. We’re trying to get as many of our kids and residents there as possible, but it’s pretty early. Anyway, if possible, please spread the word.

Thanks again!


I’d love to be able to make this and ride with the Mayor, since I can seldom get up early enough to go on the usual rides.

I didn’t see them get into any U-locks, but this is still disturbing. High-traffic areas might not make a difference. I start at a new office Monday where I have to be…selective about where I lock up. I don’t think I’ll worry about how many people are around now. My cable for locking the wheels to my U-lock is in the mail.  And, really, my locked bike was stolen out of the locked bike room in my locked apartment building in Roland Park two years ago.  If someone wants it enough, I guess you’re screwed.

I was in New York last week, around these parts, and I saw a lot of the same chains this guy gets right through. Some of them were on really nice bikes, and I wonder what became of them. Still, I saw a lot of those hardened BEEFY chains, which tempt me. But they cost 1/4 of what my base bike cost me two years ago, and they are HEAVY.  I mean to do a post about the different locking styles I’ve seen traveling the last two weeks in Boston/Cambridge, New York and Philadelphia.  When I download my photos, that is.

[Props and thanks to Gary for the link.]

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