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Well the NBBB rolled on downtown on Thursday night in the Moonlight Madness ride.  For the exception of a few flats and a bad spill everyone seemed to have a good time. Thank you, thank you , thank you to the folks who put this ride together. I totally enjoyed myself.  It was so great to see people from all different walks of life with all different kinds of bikes come together to take a ride. It was also great to meet some of the folks who visit this blog and be able to say thanks for visiting, face to face.  To the guy who took the spill: I think I can speak for everyone on the ride and say, get well soon, fellow velo.

In other news, I’m gonna be representing the NBBB down at OC for a few days.  I’m planning on riding the length of the island. I’ll be sure to post about it with some pics. Has anyone out there ridden this before? If so, anything I should look out for or look forward too?


What did you do post Moonlight Madness? I split off from Barry and Dan, came home, talked to my wife, took a shower with peppermint soap — and trued my back wheel at 1:30 in the morning! I’m going away this weekend to Washington, and I didn’t want to leave it like that. I mean, it was barely close enough to ride. Those potholes on Roland Avenue below the Avenue are a doozy! I do enjoy truing wheels, although I usually get really really anal about it and take too long. And with tonight’s fun ride and being excited about my trip, hell, I’m too keyed up to sleep anyway. Now my wheel is trued pretty well, with the tire/tube back on and inflated, and it’s next to ElRo’s bike where it belongs.


Dan and I are meeting at the Watertower at about 7:30pm, in case anyone wants to ride down with us. If you do, leave a comment so we know to wait for you. The Watertower is where Roland Avenue and University Parkway meet, in Hoes Heights/Rolden/Hampden/Roland Park. You can’t miss it.


And also remember: this is NOT a sponsored ride. You ride at your own risk, and you will likely have to sign a waiver saying so. Be careful, and have fun!

Details here in case you need them or wanna read excited/exciting comments!

If you’ve ever admired the awesome bike T-shirts that Frankie and I wear, you are not alone.  Marc at B-Minus Designs has been making awesome bike shirts in Philly for a few years now, and we’ve been rocking them for a couple years. Marc is also making some really nice tote bags for your goods. Frankie has one with the “Bicycles are for Lovers” design in red on the tan bag, and it looks incredible.

Until the end of the month, you can score a second T-shirt at half off if you buy one at full price in the “I wish I was in France sale“!  And these are really nice shirts, too, all American Apparel cotton. Mine have weathered my big self sweating all over them on my bike and still look great. 

I’m wearing one Thursday to the Moonlight Madness ride — look me for  in the grey shirt with a big red heart that contains a sweet bike. I’ll bet you go home and order one. Well, after you have some water, that is.

[Image, Marc Hummel.]

You gotta get to this ride. No excuses.


Take a night-time bike tour of Baltimore City on a safe, well lit, mostly flat route of about 20 miles. Get an intimate view of the city after dark. Skyline, neighborhoods and waterfront as well as sights ranging from illuminated classical buildings and monuments to the neon of “The Block”, from churches, museums, and City Hall to the enormous “Wizard of Boh”.

Ride Start: in front of the Youth Hostel at the corner of Mulberry and Cathedral. Thursday, July 30th. 8:00pm with an 8:30 push-off.

(catty-corner from the main branch of the Pratt Library)

Ride is casual speed: 10-12mph. length: 20miles. You should have a properly functioning bike, be wearing a helmet, and have safety lights on front and back.

Click HERE for the route!

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday! Some of us will finally meet Thursday in person, on, er, pedals.

Ride Start: in front of the Youth Hostel at the corner of Mulberry and Cathedral. (catty-corner from the Pratt Library)

Ride is casual 10-12mph. Approximately 20 miles. You must have a properly functioning bike, be wearing a helmet, and have safety lights on front and back.

I will bring cue sheets.

Sundown is at 8:30 and a nearly full moon rising about the same time.

The Moonlight Madness Ride.  See the excellent Baltimore Spokes for more info.

NBBB info: A few of us are meeting at the Watertower in Hampden/Roland Park/ Hoes Heights and riding down as a group, if anyone wants to join us.  The early news this morning says NO RAIN, just heat sans humidity.  Should make for a nice sunset.  We’ll probably start rounding up after “The Simpsons” and leave around 8:00 p.m. for the youth hostel, with Mr. Zack leading most likely, since he rides that way daily.  Ride organizers request helmet and lights (fantastic idea).  If you wanna be part of the closest thing this here club does to jerseys, wear yer good ole safety vest.  (Yeah, we do that.)  Please leave a comment with contact info (won’t be published) so we know who to wait for.

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