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I haven’t. This is a terrible cell-phone picture from when I was waiting for the bus this morning. I can walk to the grocery store and didn’t work last week.  So getting-around sans bike hasn’t been much of an issue for me.  But I realize that not everyone lives a ten minute walk from two markets and can telecommute when necessary.

Anyone have any cool snow/ice/bike stories from this storm/these storms?


The windchill when I left for work today was -3 in Baltimore City.  I know that some places have temps like this without the wind, but this is rare in Baltimore.  I can’t imagine what the windchill doing 25 mph downhill into a headwind was, but my nose is still a little numb a half hour later.

And my mustache froze!  The water vapor from my breathing got it wet, and it felt like I just huffed some buckwheat honey.  I mean, it was a strange sensation.  It took my brain a minute to realize what  it was.  Ice.  Awesome.

The rest of my beard was under a scarf and not under my nose, so Mr. Fuzzy is working to keep me warm currently.

Anyone else get covered in ice this winter?  🙂

Anyone ride in?  I have AWESOME fenders, but even they were no match for the snow and slush and gunk flying around this morning.  It was still a fun ride, though.  My bike dripped puddles of NASTY water all over my office when I got to work.  Poor little rug.  My “salmon” Kool Stops are grey as all hell right now.  I don’t know if it’s wise to ride home, after my ice-fall last week.  But it’s so tempting and fun. I doubt I will be able to resist.  Plus, I don’t wanna leave Mr. Bike in the office, especially when it looks like tomorrow might turn out to be a snow day.

My only scary moment was coming down the switchback on the Jones Falls Trail this morning.  I realized that my thin shoes were covered in snow, so I stopped and pulled off to knock the snow away.  I slid a bit in so doing, but I caught myself.  I got off my bike to stomp my shoes against the wall and get the snow off, and there is a skid mark, surrounded by footprints.  I hope no one thinks it was the scene of a crash, LOL.

No other bike tracks on the switchback.  But there were tracks from an MTB on the trail itself, as the road was covered in salt trucks waiting their turn to get filled on Fallsway.  Saw one other cyclist on the JFT, and we exchanged not just a nod but a full one-hand-off-the-bars wave, which is appropriate to anyone brave/stupid enough to ride in Baltimore in the snow.

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