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Obviously.  Snow riding can be fun.  But riding through the mounds of frozen goo left by plows and cars and people shoveling into the street — not to mention black ice — is not the casual ride we had in mind. Five people getting hurt on a ride isn’t going to promote or celebrate cycling so much.

How about next week or a New Year ride?


Monday, December 21st. Early evening/after work. Stay tuned for the time/place, as we watch the winter weather unfold. As much as riding in snow and ice can be fun, doing it for the hell of it sounds like an invitation for injuries.  So if the weather’s bad, we’ll have to do a post-Christmas or New Year’s ride.

This is a mega casual ride — not a critical mass or memorial ride by any means. Bring a Thermos!  It’s just fun to get together and celebrate winter cycling. If the weather does not cooperate, perhaps we could all get some beers somewhere fun that night?

More info this weekend.


The forecast looks grim, with snow this weekend, which will thaw a little and refreeze Monday night (in the 20s), making for black ice and other nastiness.  As much as winter riding is fun, we’d like to be uninjured and enjoy it.  Personally, I’d hate for anyone to get hurt when we should be having fun.  We’ll have to call it after Saturday when we know how bad it is.

Please excuse the absence. Trust that it involved BABIES, both future and present Babies. For instance, Johnny and ElRo found out the sex of their/our half-way-cooked Baby this morning.

But fun cycling things are in the works! Okay. Dan and I (Johnny) are meeting tonight for coffee to go over some details for a spirited ride through Charm City next month, complete with LED Xmas lights on our bikes. Lots of people and lots of lights.  Last time we tried to plan it, we literally drank too much PBR on a Sunday afternoon and lost track of what the hell we were talking about.

Anyway, next month. Big fun. Oh, yes. Stay tuned.

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