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Baltimore bike bloggers (left to right): Barry, Johnny, Zack, Dan, Dave.  I feel like I should write something about the relationship between coffee and cycling, given the “You’re going for COFFEE?!” that ensued when ElRo went to get us some brews.  But I’m tired, and it’s Friday, and this weather is driving me toward the coffee itself.  I just like this picture.

[Photo courtesy of GHCC.]


I didn’t get a chance to take a lot of photos because I was enjoying meeting everyone on the plaza.  Then, as you probably know, my MFin drive-side rear spoke blew in Waverly, and I had to bail like 2 miles into the ride when my tire and frame were getting too friendly. (Only after that did I learn about those awesome fiber spokes.) My wheels have been nothing but trouble since I got my bike this summer. I have to see if the good folks at the shot can do a warranty wheel replacement for me. Anyway, here are the first half of the share-ables I do have.



ElRo has four times as many as I do, so stay tuned.

The Baltimore Sun, whose photographer stayed the entire time.

Kali Durga, with excellent photos.

Bikes N Coffee (two of my favorite things).

Photos in the Baltimore Bikes Flickr group (to which ya’ll are encouraged to add photos of all Baltimore bike activity, to highlight the awesomeness in our awesome city).

Greater Homewood Community Corporation.

The Baltimore Messenger.

Video from Liam!

Stayed tuned for more!


This is the second Tour de Greater Homewood, a ride around North-Central Baltimore celebrating the good work that The Greater Homewood Community Corporation does to help build strong and healthy neighborhoods. This year, the ride honors the late Jack Yates, a former GHCC board member. The University of Baltimore is donating the space as part of the UB Green efforts, as Jack was not only a UB alum but was also a graduate student at UB.

If possible, please RSVP to the event on Facebook here.

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!


Gordon Plaza at the University of Baltimore: Corner of Mount Royal Avenue and Maryland Avenue.

Participants will be required to sign a waiver (so that you can’t sue UB or GHCC if something happens to you or your bike).

Participants will be encouraged to make the suggested donation of $10, which will go to youth programming at Greater Homewood Community Corporation, to programs similar to those to which Jack Yates was dedicated.

Participants will get a sweet spokecard, designed  by artist Christina Ralls (you can see the images in this post).

Members of Jack’s family will be on in attendance! We will have a few speakers before the ride.

There are two routes, both of which will begin and end at the same place at UB.  There will be ride leaders (including several Eagle Scouts and one EMS — no kidding) to help with any mechanical difficulties and to help folks find their way.  Also, all participants will be given a set of directions on paper, which should be easy to follow.  The longer ride is the proper Tour de Greater Homewood.  You can view an interactive map of this route here.  The shorter ride is the Tour de Central Baltimore, for which you can find the map here.

If you have any questions, please don’t  hesitate to leave a comment.  If we don’t have the answer, we’ll get it for you.

And many thanks go out to everyone who’s volunteering and everyone who’s worked to get the word out.


Leave a comment with your email address (no one sees it) if you’d like a PDF of this flier you can print!  This image will also be on the front of the spokecard participants will get. This was excellently and graciously created by artist and NBBB member Christina Ralls, who is available for graphics work I am told.

With the Jack Yates Memorial Ride and Tour de Greater Homewood only six days away, it’s time to call upon experienced cyclists to serve as ride leaders! What do we need ride leaders to do? Study the route and help folks along the way. That is, RIDE, and then help folks find their way. We probably all do this regularly, but now it might be dozens of people asking for your help.

This is a link to the route on Google Maps (CLICK!) if you’d curious about the venue. It amounts to about 14.5 miles all told. There will be a shorter (@4-5 miles) ride that we also need a volunteer or two to lead.

We could also use help with registration (getting waivers signed; handing out spokecards; collecting donations). You’d still get to ride; you just might be behind everyone else.

We have two ride leaders and two volunteers for registration.  We need more!  If you’d like to help out, please leave a comment — or email us (northbaltimorebikebrigadeATyahooDOTcom).

Stay tuned to more ride details.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, November 8th, at 1pm for the Tour du/de Greater Homewood, being held this year as a memorial to Mr. Jack Yates, who was their board member and friend.  Mr. Yates’ family will be joining us.

Stay tuned for details and a call for volunteers (!).

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