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Dan and I are meeting at the Watertower at about 7:30pm, in case anyone wants to ride down with us. If you do, leave a comment so we know to wait for you. The Watertower is where Roland Avenue and University Parkway meet, in Hoes Heights/Rolden/Hampden/Roland Park. You can’t miss it.


And also remember: this is NOT a sponsored ride. You ride at your own risk, and you will likely have to sign a waiver saying so. Be careful, and have fun!

Details here in case you need them or wanna read excited/exciting comments!


img_9672So damn, time goes by fast. Johnny and I went out and took this kick ass ride last Saturday. We rode up to the city/county line on Lake Ave and then worked our way down to Fell’s Point. We got a cup of coffee and sat on the pier for a bit before heading back home. All in all about 20 miles or so. I was going to write this big post with lots of pictures that I took on the ride but I figured I’m a little late. So instead I’m gonna use this post to say if anyone is interested in doing one of these 20 mile or so rides down town or where ever let us know. We would love to make a run to Fell’s Point or Canton one day or night with bunch of people. The more people the more fun.

So the Hemingway b-day ride went well. Where better to ride to on Hemingway’s birthday then some where with water, boats and beer? I think he would have approved. The small group of us started out around 8pm from, of course, the water tower. We headed down town via Fallsway to Maryland Ave. We wove our way through the downtown corridors of buildings and buses to the waterfront. We stopped by the Tawny to snap this goofy photo. At this point in the ride the heat was obviously starting to get to us. We continued on to Fell’s where we sat on the pier. There we toasted Hemingway by reading one of his short poems and raising our water bottle. (It was just too damn hot for beer.) After hanging out on the pier a while we decided to start to head back. We rode through Little Italy (one of my old stomping grounds) to Lombard where we then committed ourselves to Calvert for the spin back.

All in all it was a wonder evening ride totalling somewhere around 15 miles. I can’t wait to ride back down town again.  Cheer’s for bikes and Hemingway!!! A great combination.

I’d call it casual, but they’re all casual.  A few of us are planning on taking a leisurely ride from the Watertower to Fell’s Point, have a lemonade/other treat at the foot of Broadway, and then return.  We’ll be at the Watertower after 7:30, and we’ll plan to leave at 8:00.  Monday.  Tomorrow.  The 21st.  Hemingway‘s birthday.  Anyone who wants to come is totally welcome.  But please wear a helmet and have your safety lights on.  Safety vests are encouraged and damned stylish.

One caveat:  If there are storms, the ride is cancelled.  Drivers don’t know what to do in the case of storms, and it’s not worth the risk of getting flattened by someone on the phone in a land yacht with the windshield blinded by a downpour.  If there was a place you had to be, it might be different, but this is just fun.  (Before you call us sissies, ask yourself if you ride in the rain and in the winter.  Because we do.)

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