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I usually try to keep my ride pretty clean. I’ve been a little lazy about it lately, and it really needs a good bath. This got me thinking.  My dad has always said, “Before winter sets in you should put a good coat of wax on you car.” One of his points being is that it helps keep the salt off the car’s finish in the winter months. This does make sense to me. So I’m thinking of cleaning up the old horse and putting a coat of wax on the seat/chain stays, down tube and fork. Can anyone think of a good reason not to do this?

Also with winter on the horizon does anyone have any cold weather riding tips you would like to share with the cycling community? One I use, I got from Sheldon Brown. Use clear tape to block off a few air vents on your helmet. It’s a easy and very inexpensive way to help keep your head a little warmer and  not compromise the fit of your brain bucket.


I was going to post this while down the beach but given the recent events I decided to hold off until now. So here it is…

My original plan was to ride from 139th to the OC inlet at the end of the board walk but, after careful consideration, recommendation of a local and a reader of this blog, I decided to ride North instead. I, liking to beat myself up, decided to begin my ride around one p.m. on the hottest day we where down there. You know 90 some degrees with 100 heat index. Whatever, it’s flat on the shore, right? Anyway my first stop was of this watch tower.

For anyone who doesn’t know, these towers are haunting reminders of how close German subs came to our coasts in WW II. I’ve always been fascinated with these concrete sentries. I think they’re creepy in a neat sorta way. Moving on, I next rolled into the town of Bethany. In my opinion this is what a beach town should look like.  Quiet, sandy and lived in. I pasted the Bethany bike shop. I don’t think I have to explain why I took a picture of this.

I wasn’t ready to turn back towards home so I continued North on 50. Before I knew it I was looking 2 miles down the road at the inlet bridge. I road down alone side the bridge where there is a parking lot for folks wanting to fish, go to the beach or out on a boat. There I took a water break and a few more pictures.

After hydrating a bit I jumped on my ride and headed home for the day. The ride took me about 2 hours to go up and back, with a few breaks of course. Over all total mileage was just under 25 miles. It was a very relaxing ride. I highly recommend it. The only draw backs are no shade and you are riding on 50 where vehicles pass you are doing, well, 50 or so. That was the most surprising part of my ride is that I did not feel unsafe on 50 at all. Delaware really has it together when it comes to bike lanes and markings for them. The lanes where very clearly marked and there was signage everywhere saying “Look out for bicycles” which, is much more to the point than “Share the road”.

Maybe next time I’m “danny oshin” I’ll ride South. I think that with be in the off season.


Well the NBBB rolled on downtown on Thursday night in the Moonlight Madness ride.  For the exception of a few flats and a bad spill everyone seemed to have a good time. Thank you, thank you , thank you to the folks who put this ride together. I totally enjoyed myself.  It was so great to see people from all different walks of life with all different kinds of bikes come together to take a ride. It was also great to meet some of the folks who visit this blog and be able to say thanks for visiting, face to face.  To the guy who took the spill: I think I can speak for everyone on the ride and say, get well soon, fellow velo.

In other news, I’m gonna be representing the NBBB down at OC for a few days.  I’m planning on riding the length of the island. I’ll be sure to post about it with some pics. Has anyone out there ridden this before? If so, anything I should look out for or look forward too?

I need one of these.  What fun this is. Two extinguishers, a fifty foot length of hose and a hydrant wrench all on two wheels. Not to mention, nice freakin’ fenders.

(From There I Fixed It.)

Saw this dapper gent in Washington Square Park in New York last week. He looked so relaxed that I thought about getting a single-speed bike, like I was telling Dan. But then I remembered that Baltimore is much more hilly than Manhattan. Still, I liked that bike, especially that he used the mounting brackets for a metal rack for a milkcrate.

That’s Johnny in the fall, riding Big Red around Druid Hill.  Johnny got that sumbitch to 25mph, which you know is pretty awesome if you’ve ever ridden a trike.   He is tempted to steal this trike from it’s owner and to remove the white streamers. Very tempted, very often.

img_9672So damn, time goes by fast. Johnny and I went out and took this kick ass ride last Saturday. We rode up to the city/county line on Lake Ave and then worked our way down to Fell’s Point. We got a cup of coffee and sat on the pier for a bit before heading back home. All in all about 20 miles or so. I was going to write this big post with lots of pictures that I took on the ride but I figured I’m a little late. So instead I’m gonna use this post to say if anyone is interested in doing one of these 20 mile or so rides down town or where ever let us know. We would love to make a run to Fell’s Point or Canton one day or night with bunch of people. The more people the more fun.

This was taken about a year ago in my basement. It’s Johnny boy doing his best to true up my back wheel. Anybody that rides around here in these streets knows the value of a good friend with a truing stand. I’d place the value at worth their weight in beer or coffee.

I just thought I’d share this. I took it the other day when I was up at  Druid Hill. The lake was frozen over and covered with a fresh coat of snow.

Anyone up for a ride with Dan and I on this Sunday, the 11th?  The Ravens game is Saturday, and Sunday looks like it’s going to be cold and clear.  Maybe there will be some snow or ice around to look at around the Jones Falls or Druid Hill or something.  Very nice for a roll around town.

Anyone interested?  We’ll probably just ride a little 10-15  miler around the city and have coffee/tea somewhere.

We can choose a time ahead of Sunday if folks are interested.  We’ll be meeting at the Watertower.

Did anyone get any awesome cycling presents this year? I scored three pairs of long underwear; no, I don’t like lycra, no offense. Warm socks. Flannels. A big Thermos for coffee, soup, booze or whatever will keep me warm commuting through the winter. Some new and very deluxe fenders. And, best of all, some winter-weight gloves that my wife had sent from the bike shop in Carbondale where we bought our bikes in 2005 (mine was stolen in 2006) when we went car-free. I’m all set to freeze my nuggets off riding everywhere all winter. Or, rather, to not freeze my fellas off.

Have you seen this sweet ride?  It was stolen from Jarred the day he built it, the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, at the Thames Street Landing in Fell’s Point.

If you know anything at all, please leave a comment, and we’ll put in you touch with Jarred.  He is offering a reward to a finder.

My favorite rear blinky was bought a few hours before my bike, two years ago.  It’s served me well, despite getting rained on, being dropped and kicked down St. Paul Street on a cold day last winter, falling off in traffic on University Parkway, etc.  All you could ask for from a light.  Well, the week before last.

Two weeks ago, I was leaving work and crossing the bridge on Charles Street that goes over 83. This is a tricky spot with horn-crazy cab drivers, buses and wanker-weiner-poopheads who insist on parking there, next to the signs that say not to.  You know, in addition to drivers flooring it as they get on 83 or otherwise try to get in front of one another before the messy construction on Charles Street. I heard a bump-clatter-bang and knew it had fallen off because I had, once again, not put on it correctly.  Out of the corner of my eye, as I approached Lanvale, I saw the grey bubble bouncing and heard crunching repeatedly.  I couldn’t stop because, well, I’d get flattened.

I knew it was a goner and got really sad.  Er, mad because it fell off from me not connecting it correctly.  I cussed a lot on my ride up Charles Street.  I was entirely too upset over a light, probably.

A day or so later, I was walking up to Sofi”s to get coffee with a co-worker, and I found this big chunk of my light.  It made me feel better.

While we hear of gear failing us, it’s sad when it’s we who fail our gear.  Or something.

Some guys and I found a bike in Hampden on Friday, the 24th, around 9pm.  It’s a vintage bike that looks like some thieves dropped it.  Respond to the posting at Craig’s List, and we’ll get you your bike back.

From the mailbox:

Hello North Baltimore Bike Brigade!

I found your contact information online and wanted to invite you and your members to join celebrity Tour de France veterans Floyd Landis and Bob Roll for the 3rd Annual Save-A-Limb Ride on Sunday, September 28th at Oregon Ridge Park in Cockeysville, MD. Is it possible for you to share this information with your listserve members and place it on your blog?

The Save-A-Limb Ride will feature three different ride through Maryland’s Countryside: a Metric Century ride, 30 miler, and 6 mile family fun ride. Proceeds from the event will go to the Save-A-Limb Fund, a nonprofit established with the goal of advancing patient care and support in the fight to save limbs from amputation and to preserve joints. Following the Save-A-Limb Ride there will be a picnic and carnival, featuring Bob Roll as MC.

We’re also looking for volunteers to assist with water stops, carnival games and registration for the event. Make a difference today! Register for the Save-A-Limb Bike Ride and Carnival and raise money for the Save-A-Limb Fund where every pedal and dollar will change the life of someone struggling with a limb and joint deformity.

For event times and to register, please visit us online at

Please feel free to share this information with anyone you think may be interested. We also have opportunities for your organization to set up a table an recruit new members for your team. I look forward to speaking with you further about the event and answering any of your questions. We hope to see you and your team out on the course! Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

Take care,
Anna ML Valero

I won’t be able to make it, and I know that Zack will be where I will be Sunday.  But if anyone else can swing it, it sounds like fun.  And I’d love to see photos!

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