Dan says, “WE WANT YOU!!


We used to maintain the practice that one could blog on the site after we all met and rode together and all that. There are actually a number of contributors to this site. With new babies, Johnny’s accident and, well, LIFE, we haven’t gotten together to ride in ages – not since winter. So we have decided to open up blog membership to all comrades who pedal around the mean and hilly streets of North Baltimore City. Do you ride in North Baltimore? Do you ride through it from North of the City on your way to work? Do you never get anywhere near it but instead tear up the sharrows in your own part of the City? In short, are you a “Baltimore” cyclist?

Then this means YOU.

There are a small list of rules you might think about before signing up, which are subject to change:

1) Please write about cycling, not your new cat.
2) Feel free to moderately swear and cuss, but don’t get too Kevin Smith on us. There are some families who read this. They’ve probably heard the Sh-word and maybe even the F-word before, but there are other…dirtier things best left to your personal blog.
3) Please post some kind of image with your blog posts. All of them, as far as this is possible. Blogging is a visual medium. Images are not to exceed 500 pixels wide or high, or the blog format may get messed up. If you can’t resize, try GIMP (it’s free and easy to learn!). No nudity please. Please abide by fair-use, and don’t hyperlink photos from other websites, stealing their bandwidth.
4) Please try to be positive. Drivers often suck, and we all know it. But reading about that isn’t going to make the folks who read this site wanna cycle in this city, or any city.
5) We really do not want to have to censor people, but we reserve the right to remove inflammatory posts, naked pictures of your dad coming out of the tub, etc.
6) Please don’t sign up and never post at all. While posting quotas are stupid because everyone has a life, if you sign up and don’t post something in your first 30 days, you’re membership will be canceled. Sorry.
7) Oh, yeah. You have to, you know, be a cyclist. Not something who likes bikes or owns a bike. But if you’re not a cyclist, you probably wouldn’t want to sign up anyway.

If you think these rules are fair and want to blog with us, please email northbaltimorebikebrigadeATyahooDOTcom (with appropriate symbols, of course) with your email address, where you live, why you wanna join, your blogging experience, etc. Or, leave a comment to THIS post. We never share personal information, and we will get in touch with you and get you signed up.

Thanks for your continued support!

Dan and Johnny
Co-Founders, North Baltimore Bike Brigade.