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Does this happen to you? I’ve been logging serious mileage this year. Unfortunately, mostly on the training stand in the basement. I got out Sunday and it was amazing.

Anyway, it is not uncommon for me to do 100 miles in a week or so.

In the last couple months, my knees have started popping. Not all the time, but sometimes when I first start riding. This week, my quads have been super tight and my hamstrings are all twitchy. I was using clipless pedals for a while, but they seemed to go against my nature, so to speak. Now I’m back on toeclips and it’s a little better…

I read online that one should stretch to keep this from happening. Any advice? Glucosamine?


A quick re-post to let y’all know we’ve reduced what we’re asking for the Africa bike to $175. That’s 50% off retail!

It’s a great bike, kind of like a bombproof beach cruiser/utility bike. The only reason we’re selling is it doesn’t fit my wife. In fact, we stopped by BBW to order a Jamis that is 4 inches shorter today! So, if you know someone, please send them our way.

Email me if you want to give it a whirl.

UPDATE: the bike has been sold!

Here’s the deal… We posted to Craiglist and got some good responses, but I want someone local… Also, the bike is in good condition, only ridden a dozen times…

We’re asking for $300, but could go as low as $250. The front basket is on the bike, but is a little bent out of shape. Email me if you want to give it a whirl.

Change the World...
Trek is running a campaign title “1 World 2 Wheels” to help encourage people around the world to ween themselves from their addiction to convenience, which will lessen their carbon footprint at the same time. Shoot, I think that’s bordering on a run-on sentence.

Earlier this year, I tried to calculate my carbon footprint and how much gas I’ll save by cyclocommuting (my goal is 2400 miles this year or 200 per month). I did the math and realized I’d probably spend the savings on additions to my bike, biking clothing, etc. and began to despair. I wasn’t really sure how to calculate my footprint… Wow, that’s the worst paragraph I’ve ever written.

Worry not, young grammarians of North Balto, Trek makes it easy!

Check it our here…

The site has a really fun to use flash-based calculator that helps you figure out how much you could ride per month commuting, getting groceries, etc. When you’re done, you can enter to win a Trek FX bike and get html code to put a widget on your site promoting the whole cause.

Whether you’re a fan of Trek or not, this is a cause that’s easy to support.

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