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The future is here!  Brief article on Wired’s Gadget Lab Blog.


I’m not sure if this is an appropriate first post, but I think this might be of interest just because of the pure randomness of it.

I am currently an adjunct  professor at the University of Baltimore teaching ARTS101 to a class of freshmen.  The main goals of the class are to expose students to the world of art, share different perspectives on the purpose and value of art, how art impacts society (and Baltimore City specifically), etc.  My objective is to help students develop their own personal opinions of art through experiential education and interaction with the Baltimore art scene.

What does this have to do with cycling?  Well, during my first official class we had a discussion to address the question, “What is Art?”  I encouraged the students to share their own personal definitions of art with the class, which was a lot more fun than should have been allowed.   I followed with a little visual game I like to call, “Is it art?” where I display a slide of a relatively  famous piece of work and ask the students to interpret it without providing background.  The first piece they analyzed was Damien Hirst’s “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” which is perfect because of its high “WTF” factor.

… I still haven’t related this to cycling, but I promise it is!

In searching for some fun articles about Hirst for my students, I found this oddity.  Yes, that it a Trek Madone covered in butterfly wings… REAL butterfly wings.  Hirst designed this bike for Lance Armstrong, which will be auctioned off this October to raise funds for Livestrong.  As you probably guessed, animal rights activists are *THRILLED* about this bike!  I’m sure that the decorated bike sparkles and shimmers in the sunlight, evoking a kind of happiness that induces the puking of rainbows… until one gets a closer look and realizes that it’s practically a butterfly mausoleum on wheels.  OH, THE HORROR!

Here’s more on the Livestrong/Trek design project, “STAGES,” which is actually pretty cool despite the sacrifice of hundreds of helpless butterflies.  Enjoy!

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