For those Baltimore cyclists who are also fans of beer (I know I am!), there’s the Baltimore Bike & Brew Club! From their site:

The Baltimore Bike & Brew Club started in 2007 as an informal group of friends who enjoy leisurely, social biking, in good weather, on relatively flat routes, with beer & food incorporated somewhere in the ride. Since then…well, not much has changed. We’ve just made more friends. Join us!

An average ride consists of:
– Socializing.
– Riding on established trails or low-traffic roads in the DC/MD/N.VA area.
– Scenic riding, ranging from the waters of Annapolis to the parks of Baltimore to the Eastern Shore’s countryside.
– A pace of 10-12 MPH, with plenty of rest stops.
– A round trip ride of about 15-20ish miles (varies per ride).
– A mid-ride or post-ride stop at a bar/restaurant for some well deserved food and beer.
– More socializing.

Check out their site here (and under “Bike Baltimore”).

We’re back from our holiday break now, with more posts in the works. Hope everyone had a very fine break (if you got to take one) and is having a fantastic new year so far. Good news department: plenty of cyclists out this morning, with the cold winds!