In case you have missed it somehow, One Less Car‘s annual Tour du Port takes place this Sunday, all over Baltimore’s lovely waterfront. The forecast for Sunday is GORE GEE US. If folks who go would like to share pictures/stories, please email us (northbaltimorebikebrigadeATyahooDOTcom) to have them featured with credit and glory on this site.  ElRo and I were going as a couple, but she’s not feeling up to cycling with “morning” sickness and a tiny person in there.

Also, a reminder for this weekend, when folks will be cycling all over Baltimore even more than usual: TAKE THE LANE WHEN YOU HAVE TO!! I was on the MTA bus yesterday, and I saw a guy who was obviously new to cycling, and he turned onto a busy street to the right of the right-turn lane, with traffic. When the bus stopped for a second, and I couldn’t see him, I thought the worst. If there’s ever a situation to take the lane, it’s turning right in a right-turn lane! (and turning left, and some downtown streets, etc.) For the love of JEHOVELO, take the lane! You’re a vehicle!

Also, useful info for those headed to TDP by bike from the North:  St. Paul Street is getting resurfaced and is gridded and scary right now. It’s been too crater-rific lately to cycle on for the last few years, so this will be a great thing when it’s finished — and they are making pretty speedy progress. But this weekend, watch out. Also, University Parkway is still full of holes near the bus pads and has the bike lanes closed for much of the length. Heading South between Roland Avenue and 40th Street, there’s only one lane. TAKE IT!

Best wished to all Tour du Porters!