The folks over at Bike Hacks have a funny post about different “types” of bike commuters.  Read on!  At the risk of sounding like a pig, I’ve seen a lot of “cleavage gals” around town with universities back in session.  Being a married man, I try to look elsewhere (even sitting on the  bus, where’s I’m not likely to hit anything).  I think that people probably don’t realize they’re bent over so much. One that’s missing from the list, though: The Ultra Fred.  You know ’em.  Might have been ’em.  I have, especially on my mega zip-tied previous steed.  I’ve seen a lot of Grasshopper folks, riding with their knees up and legs spread.

I also noticed this morning that there seems to be a correlation between seat height and safety gear in Baltimore these days.  On one hand, I see folks trying to get up hills with their seats like three inches too low who are rocking a helmet, vest, gloves, leg clips, lights galore, etc.  All that thought put into cycling, and their knees must be crying all the way home.  On the other hand, there are folks who look like they just bought a bike at REI, didn’t bother with lights, helmets, adjustments and just decided to ride.  While it’s certainly awesome any time that someone decides to start riding a bike for transportation, riding a bike that’s poorly adjusted is questionable enough on its own.  But when you do it at night with no lights or reflectors or anything, that’s just bad judgment (assuming that no one wants to get hurt).

I don’t have a point.  I just had a red-eye.