mayor_1_0809Dear Mayor Dixon,

I am writing as a native of Baltimore City, a resident of Baltimore City, as a huge fan of your administration and as a cyclist.

Please let Baltimore keep its first (and hopefully only) Ghost Bike.  As a cyclist, I’m sure you know what we’ve all been feeling in a city where some people think that it’s an acceptable course of action to go onto The Baltimore Sun’s website and leave hateful comments in the wake of a real person losing his life in a violent manner.  After getting yelling at, dodging potholes and bracing ourselves as cabs ride too fast and too close, we’d like to keep this symbol of the vitality of the Baltimore cycling community and this reminder of a very good life cut needlessly short.

I believe that a certain news station jumped the gun in telling its viewers that our Ghost Bike would be removed, maybe because their footage of it was a day late and fifty participants short of the event that only The Baltimore Sun showed up for Sunday night. Given all the good that you have personally done for cycling in Baltimore — and for making Baltimore a better city to live in generally speaking — I am confident that our Ghost Bike isn’t going anywhere. It’s your Ghost Bike, too, as a member of our cycling community. And, more than the press might be giving anyone credit for right now, you certainly know what this memorial means to cycling and to Baltimore.

Thank you for myriad things, not the least of which, keeping this memorial where it is.

(This idea was totally stolen from Harry. Or, rather, it is Harry’s challenge met. Will you complain when the Ghost Bike is gone, or will you email Mayor Dixon, too?  Do it!  And post your message here as a comment!)