I came home from work sick today. My sinuses are wacky enough that I took the bus instead of cycling because I keep getting dizzy. Anyway, I caught a ride home with a family member at lunch time (who was coming home to near where I live), and we saw the aftermath of a TERRIBLE accident at Lafayette and Maryland Avenue, near where you enter the Jones Falls Trail.

There was a firetruck, police and patrol car, caution tape. I said out-loud, “Oh, please don’t let it be a cyclist.”

But it was. I saw a bike. And I saw a cyclist on the ground, face-down, still wearing a helmet. He (?) looked bad. (I certainly didn’t take any cell phone photos because I’m not deranged.) As we headed North, I heard an ambulance in the distance. Given that there was caution tape blocking the scene and that no one on the firetruck seemed to have moved the cyclist, I can only assume the worst.

My heart is sick. If you’re the praying type, have at it. Pray, metta, anything. This is terrible news for all of us.