If you’ve ever admired the awesome bike T-shirts that Frankie and I wear, you are not alone.  Marc at B-Minus Designs has been making awesome bike shirts in Philly for a few years now, and we’ve been rocking them for a couple years. Marc is also making some really nice tote bags for your goods. Frankie has one with the “Bicycles are for Lovers” design in red on the tan bag, and it looks incredible.

Until the end of the month, you can score a second T-shirt at half off if you buy one at full price in the “I wish I was in France sale“!  And these are really nice shirts, too, all American Apparel cotton. Mine have weathered my big self sweating all over them on my bike and still look great. 

I’m wearing one Thursday to the Moonlight Madness ride — look me for  in the grey shirt with a big red heart that contains a sweet bike. I’ll bet you go home and order one. Well, after you have some water, that is.

[Image, Marc Hummel.]