Who’s up for a ride tonight? Completely low-key and completely last-minute!

At least Dan and I are meeting at the Watertower after 7pm and then pushing off at 7:30. If you plan to make it, please leave a comment. If you want my cell number, I’ll email it to you. Baltimore’s glassy, so bring a tube if you think you might need it. We usually carry patch kits, pump and levers.

And bring water! It’s gonna be hot!

We usually just ride around town for 10-15 or 15-20 miles enjoying ourselves, often getting a coffee/tea/soda somewhere.  I’m just back in the saddle after three months out, so I doubt we’re going to be counting the miles.

If you get there before 7pm, you can talk to folks from Friends of the Watertower, a group who’s trying to save our historical brick beauty.

[Photo from Hemingway’s birthday ride last year. I didn’t edit out our faces; the camera was on the sidewalk in Little Italy, and this is what came out.]