From an email I received at my other website:

I thought you might be interested in Summer Spectacle, an interactive public concert for 111 bicyclists hosted by the Contemporary Museum ’s Mobtown Modern concert series. For this guerilla-style performance, bicyclists will perform Mauricio Kagel’s Eine Brise, riding through the streets of Baltimore using horns, whistles, and noises to create the sound of wind.

There are still spots available to participate in the inaugural Summer Spectacle – and I thought you and your readers might enjoy making avant garde music on your bikes. To register, e-mail info@mobtownmodern.com.

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From attachment:

Mobtown Modern Goes Guerilla for Summer Spectacle

Saturday, July 18, 2009
3:00 p.m.

The Metro Gallery
1700 North Charles Street
Station North Arts and Entertainment District, Baltimore

The Contemporary Museum’s Mobtown Modern concert series will take New Music to the streets with an interactive performance of composer Mauricio Kagel’s Eine Brise (‘A Breeze’) for 111 bicyclists, on Saturday, July 18, 2009 at 3 p.m.

Riders will begin and end their trek at The Metro Gallery in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. The posse of performers will use bells, horns, and utterances and whistling to replicate the sounds of a crisp breeze during their “round the block” performance. Eine Brise begins with jingling to announce the coming breeze, climaxing with a crescendo of a frenzied chorus of “wind sound” vocalizations from performers.
Anyone with a bicycle and a bell or horn is invited to participate in this guerilla-style music making experience. To participate, e-mail info@mobtownmodern.com. Space is limited.

[Photo of Mr. Headset Wrench courtesy of too much time on my hands last summer.]