After writing about how long it’s been since there was a cycling death in Baltimore City, last week, two cyclists were killed in Ocean City in one week.

The first, Kristin Anne Stormer (23), of Hollidaysburg, PA, was reportedly crossing in the crosswalk against the traffic signal. Witnesses report that she was wearing headphones. This was in broad daylight.  The driver is not being charged. (Source.)

Then on 2:30 Friday morning, Daniel Bren (like the machine gun) struck Edward Zisk (41) and Maxim Matuzov (20), both of Ocean City, Maryland. The two were cycling on the Route 50 bridge when a drunk driver struck them both and left the scene. Thanks are due to the witness who followed the truck and helped identify the driver. Daniel Bren, this “dirty pig of filth“* is being charged with a list of offenses, including negligent homicide by vehicle while under the influence. Homicide, when you kill a cyclist. That’s what you should be charged with. The authorities got it right this time. (Source.)

Our condolances and well-wishes go out to everyone affected by these tragedies.

*[Maybe he’s a “nice” guy, but he hit two people with his truck and left the scene, killing a man — after being irresponsible enough to drive drunk in the first place. Even if he’s a saint who drove drunk for the first time last week, it’s hard to feel badly for his plight. Not with a life cut short. Cut short by his behavior.]