I took some photos of the bikes at Penn Station on Bike 2 Work Day on May 15th. I felt terrible for not being able to ride myself. But I had a new bike at home and was a week or two from being back to regular commuting. (Hell, it would be good for my hands/wrists, probably. At least to get my strength back.) I was in a good mood, after getting good news from my hand doctor that week. But I never got to post photos and/or talk about Bike 2 Work Day because that crazy driver ran me over that afternoon.

In the morning that day, I noticed the usual number of cyclists as my bus made its way down University Parkway and St. Paul Street. I was late, and I think most people were already at work. I wanted to take a walk to the Jones Falls Trail that morning, since I think a lot of new cyclists opt for that route. Not that I blame them; it’s a nice calm spot for workday hauling. I thought I’d get some shots in the afternoon, of folks on their way home. But that didn’t work out, either.

I got my foot run over at like 4 pm on Charles Street and got to stay there for a while, as folks made their way home. I didn’t notice more cyclists than usual while we were there with security, the police and the fire department. It could have been the time of day. But I was there long enough on a nice enough Friday, that I think pre-5pm traffic could have been expected.  Could have been the constant construction on Charles Street, too.  Maybe folks were relaxing with beers after a nice B2WD.
I have noticed something since that Friday: a hell of a lot more bikes around town. This week, I was on Gordon Plaza at the University of Baltimore helping with a mosaic, and I was dumb-founded with the number of cyclists going everywhere. To the store. To work. To home. To school. While I wait for my bus and relax while riding it each day, I see more people all the time. I should really pay more attention and count one day.

One thing I know for sure is that there are far more cyclists riding around in traffic in Baltimore than there were pre-B2DW. And isn’t that the point? Not to get people to ride on May 15th, but more often than that?  I didn’t have my camera, but there were far more bikes this morning at Penn Station than before May 15th.  One that I never saw until that day but now see all the time, too.

Kudos to Baltimore’s cycling advocates (Barry, Nate Evans, et al). Their work is paying off for all of us.