We’ve reported before that some few lucky Ikea customers can rent bikes/trailers (for free) for taking their stuff home. The closest Ikea to North Baltimore is the one in White [Flight] Marsh. I know a bus goes there. But getting there is still tricky if you don’t have a car — like me. I usually get to go when someone in my family is going and has time and room for me and the stuff I’ll bring home. I would be hard-pressed to be able to carry it on the bus. That’s not a knock on the MTA, who get me to work each morning since I can’t cycle. There’s only so much room for your gear on the bus, unless you’re one of those rude people who take aisle seats in empty rows so they never have to sit next to anyone. I can (and have) carried more with me on my bike than I could on the bus.

Read this fun tale of a cycling trip to Ikea.  This one is not exactly downtown, but that sounds like a fun and low-key trip.

Anyone ride from the city to White Marsh?  What route would you take?  Anyone up for a trip top Ikea this summer?  They do have decent food, and beer can be gotten nearby.