That was from a few days ago. Everything was healing nicely by then, and the cuts on my eye and cheek were already gone. I’ve healed more since then even. Only my lip inside and outside are making me look like a punk now. I saw the hand specialist today. No surgery required on wrist, just a fracture.  Right hand is sprained, so it still takes forever to type.  I wear a fancy dealy on the left/broken wrist and a strange glove at night on my right/sprained hand.  I am getting put back together by cycling deities daily.

My bike needs new pedals, brake levers and more expensive things it makes me too sad to type now.  I never even checked for frame damage. But I get a new one soon enough. If the frame survives, The Duke might be for winter. I need something more upright for my bum wrist when I get back out in a few weeks anyway.