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Midday with Dan Rodricks“:

We’ll begin the hour looking at ways to make Baltimore a more bike-friendly city with Anna Ricklin from the City Dept. of Transportation. She’s also a member of the community bike collective Velocipede. Then, one CEO, 1500 miles, 15 days: Trish Karter, CEO of the Dancing Deer Baking Co., is biking from Atlanta to Boston to raise awareness of the problem of homelessness in the U.S. What she calls her Mother’s Day Ride is bringing her to Baltimore, and she’ll hop off her bike briefly to join us in Studio A.

You can listen online if you missed it.


Does this happen to you? I’ve been logging serious mileage this year. Unfortunately, mostly on the training stand in the basement. I got out Sunday and it was amazing.

Anyway, it is not uncommon for me to do 100 miles in a week or so.

In the last couple months, my knees have started popping. Not all the time, but sometimes when I first start riding. This week, my quads have been super tight and my hamstrings are all twitchy. I was using clipless pedals for a while, but they seemed to go against my nature, so to speak. Now I’m back on toeclips and it’s a little better…

I read online that one should stretch to keep this from happening. Any advice? Glucosamine?

I can’t tell all of the ignorant things some people have said to me since the bike accident, to complement all the very nice and very sweet words and well-wishes and gifts of candy and company from very good people I am lucky enough to know. In addition to people who have been very very nice to me, there is a whole platoon of people have taken it upon themselves to help me reform and understand my face-plant better with completely unsolicited advice. Indeed, even in defeat, there are insistent cycling-nay-sayers.  A few (read more)…

A quick re-post to let y’all know we’ve reduced what we’re asking for the Africa bike to $175. That’s 50% off retail!

It’s a great bike, kind of like a bombproof beach cruiser/utility bike. The only reason we’re selling is it doesn’t fit my wife. In fact, we stopped by BBW to order a Jamis that is 4 inches shorter today! So, if you know someone, please send them our way.

Email me if you want to give it a whirl.

UPDATE: the bike has been sold!

As I think about what kind of bike to buy, I’m leaning heavily toward bikes that some folks might call old-fashioned and bikes that at least one person (who hardly ever rides, for the record) called an old man bike (pictured — 2009 Schwinn Willy).  While I have never ever been into fast bikes myself and have never ridden around on anything more aero-looking than a moderately fast hybrid/commuter, I feel like it might be good for me to slow down.  The Saturday before my fall, I bragged about my fastest home-to-work time (in wind and work clothes, no less).  While I’m certainly angry about the pipe I hit last week (my face hurts thinking about it), I will acknowledge that the only reason I was doing at least 25 when I fell was my own doing and that I would not have hit the ground as hard or skid on my face and rear derailer as long if I had been going slower.

I’m not going to pontificate about roadies or weight-wienies or Freds or what have you.  I am not judging folks who are into speed; on the contrary, I regularly mutter “holy shit” to myself when I see some feats of speed — when some hardy folks are still sprinting at the top of my street (top of University Parkway, no small hill at all).

But I have found myself weaving in traffic, disregarding more traffic laws than is safe and riding faster just because I have strong legs and can.  I wonder if a slower bike is the way to go?  I have confessed to Dan that drop bars scare me (I am wimpy), but I think I’d like to sit up even straighter, too.

Plus, from what Mr. Hand Specialist says, I might not have a choice — at least for a long time.

Anyone have experience on something truly up-right and heavy?

That was from a few days ago. Everything was healing nicely by then, and the cuts on my eye and cheek were already gone. I’ve healed more since then even. Only my lip inside and outside are making me look like a punk now. I saw the hand specialist today. No surgery required on wrist, just a fracture.  Right hand is sprained, so it still takes forever to type.  I wear a fancy dealy on the left/broken wrist and a strange glove at night on my right/sprained hand.  I am getting put back together by cycling deities daily.

My bike needs new pedals, brake levers and more expensive things it makes me too sad to type now.  I never even checked for frame damage. But I get a new one soon enough. If the frame survives, The Duke might be for winter. I need something more upright for my bum wrist when I get back out in a few weeks anyway.

My hand that is not broken has two good fingers, so I can type a bit. My face has healed a lot. Still a large chunk of my upper lip missing though. I go see a hand specialist Tuesday. My other bangs and cuts are healing up steadily.

My insurance is buying me a new bike and new glasses. My bike was a lot more damaged than I thought at first. Makes me sad to look at. But I can’t ride for a while anyway.

MANY thanks for all the well-wishes and emails! I am a quick healer, and I will rise again.

Yesterday on the Jones Falls Trail, Johnny hit a pipe that shouldn’t have been there and should have been marked. Johnny went down hard and cut up his face, broke his glasses, smashed his helmet, smashed his right hand, hurt his left shoulder, and broke his left hand/wrist — and cut up everything else, too. He praises the coffee gods for helmets, gloves, his own stocky vitality, and a lot of luck.

He can’t type, so you’re spared pictures of the carnage.

Thank you and good night.

(dictated not read)

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