I had to go to a conference yesterday at the University of Baltimore and had to wear a suit. So of course I rode my bike! It wasn’t raining, and I wear pants-straps/clips all the time. No problem.  Plus it’s always fun to see people’s faces when you ride in dress clothes in the US.  (I should have gotten some danged pictures.)  One higher-up-type university guy who I know by reputation looked at me like I was crazy when I came into the building with reflective straps on my ankles, a helmet and a suit.  Probably jealous because I wasn’t stuck in traffic in my Benz like, no doubt, he was.

I did discover something unpleasant, though. The backs of my shoulders/top of my back were/was all red and chafed when I got home last night. I couldn’t figure out what it was at first. But I neither wore my backpack nor buttoned my suit jacket. As my co-worker pointed out as I barreled across the Maryland Avenue bridge, my jacket was flying and flapping in the wind. And, even through a relatively thick dress shirt, it rubbed my skin. Strange.