[Bike rack in the quad at SIU Carbondale, 2006.]

I live in an apartment building in North Baltimore, and I live on the top floor (i.e., the 4th). While I do take the steps fairly often, I generally take the elevator with my bike, especially when I’m wearing work cloths. ElRo was leaving at the same time and cycling to work also today. As we were getting ready to pack into the elevator, my next-door neighbor was coming out — with HIS bike.

What ensued was a “You guys go ahead” — “No, you go” — “I insist, you guys go ahead” — “I think we’ll fit, wanna try?”

It might have been funny to watch, but the best part was that bike traffic these days is getting so thick that people leaving from the same floor of the same building at the same time are clogging up elevators.  I am sure the nice weather this week after a particularly harsh January has a lot to do with it, but the big traffic is getting stronger all the time.  I can’t imagine what this spring and summer are going to look like, but I enjoy trying to picture it.