I hope Mr. Moon is wrong about the relative multitude of cyclists in Baltimore lately. (Read this.) Just like rain won’t melt you, cold won’t crack you.

You know, I hate to say it. But it seems like the title “cyclist” might need…qualifying sometimes, for some people. Someone who does a lot of downhilling or racing might not want the same word to apply to me as to them. “Utility cyclist” or “Fred” or “Hybrid-rider” might be preferable to them to refer to me.

I’m just as guilty. Sometimes I find myself thinking that “summer cyclist” would be a good name for people who pack up and start driving when the leaves start changing and falling. But it’s the same crap as making fun of a gal/guy on a cruiser or hybrid or etc. As much as I am tempted to get all self-righteous because I ride year-round, cheers still to anyone who used a bike for transportation this summer. Yonder time (2005), I used to drive/own a car. Cyclists insulting me might have kept me there a little longer. So I won’t be a jerk.

Instead of insulting you, I’d encourage you to keep on riding. Cold-weather riding has its own hidden treats. If you prefer to drive/take transit this winter, well hell, still thanks for joining us this summer. See ya next year, maybe a month or two earlier 🙂 (And maybe seeing some of us riding around Baltimore with holiday decorations on our bikes can tempt you out a few times.)