I didn’t see them get into any U-locks, but this is still disturbing. High-traffic areas might not make a difference. I start at a new office Monday where I have to be…selective about where I lock up. I don’t think I’ll worry about how many people are around now. My cable for locking the wheels to my U-lock is in the mail.  And, really, my locked bike was stolen out of the locked bike room in my locked apartment building in Roland Park two years ago.  If someone wants it enough, I guess you’re screwed.

I was in New York last week, around these parts, and I saw a lot of the same chains this guy gets right through. Some of them were on really nice bikes, and I wonder what became of them. Still, I saw a lot of those hardened BEEFY chains, which tempt me. But they cost 1/4 of what my base bike cost me two years ago, and they are HEAVY.  I mean to do a post about the different locking styles I’ve seen traveling the last two weeks in Boston/Cambridge, New York and Philadelphia.  When I download my photos, that is.

[Props and thanks to Gary for the link.]