Dan gets judged, and people wonder, “My other ride is your mom? What does that sticker say?” He won a light set, patch kit and tire levers.  This sticker, which almost made me poop a little:

We had a lot of coffee and some treats before the ride, after some morning riding to and from set-up — on the very quiet and wet streets of Charles Village and Waverly.  It was nice to be out without cars like that.

Several dozen people met up at the Watertower for the Tour du Greater Homewood, donned blue shirts made for the ride and turned right onto Roland Avenue. We rode through Hampden, Wyman Park, down the Jones Falls Trail, up Charles Street to Waverly, where we stopped at the Farmers’ Market.

It was a little hot and humid after the early morning storms that woke up everyone in Baltimore at 5:00am. But with water and a leisurely pace, it was cake, baby.

I don’t mean to get all he-manish, but I wanted to ride more. We’ll have to do another group ride soon.  Perhaps an NBBB pub crawl or something in a few weeks.  We never did have a picnic either.

We rode in the parade afterward, which was awkward because we had to move so slowly. I was kicking myself for not rocking a dress/muumuu. But it was nice to see so many people interested in cycling in this part of the city. Transportation, she is a-changin.  We’re lucky to be on the cusp of something like the wave of cycling over-taking all awesome people in Charm City.

More photos here.

Photo Friday: The Team.