I know there’s something called “bike season.”  I don’t understand what the hell that means or why it exists.  I like winter riding a lot, despite how annoying all that gear can get.  Summer is not my favorite time to ride.  I mean, I don’t mean to sound all pessimistic and negative, but I frikkin hate July, especially.

This July brought with it a few good things though.  Dan/Mule and I both got very good news.  No real record-breaking heat.  A very fun Moonlight Madness ride and a few other great evening rides.  But perhaps for cycling, the best news I saw this July was the ever-growing number of cyclists around Baltimore.  I know.  Theft is up.  People are trying to scare us back into our cars with articles about how more bikes mean more bike accidents (ignoring that it means less car accidents).  “Riding a bike is dangerous!”  “Bikes don’t belong in the street!”  “I’m safer in my car!”  “My bike will get stolen!”

I’m glad to see that so many people in Baltimore this summer, for whatever reason, have gotten a lock and a clue and are out there riding despite the heat.  Maybe it’s gas prices and necessity.  Maybe it’s that such obstacles to driving have given folks the temptation to take the fun way (i.e., on two wheels — or three!) and have resulted in people remembering or discovering how much fun riding is.  I don’t care.  I like seeing it.  This Sunday, Dan/Mule and I rode to Towson for an errand, and there was bike traffic!

So instead of my usual one-finger salute to July, this time I tip my hat, er, helmet.