So the Hemingway b-day ride went well. Where better to ride to on Hemingway’s birthday then some where with water, boats and beer? I think he would have approved. The small group of us started out around 8pm from, of course, the water tower. We headed down town via Fallsway to Maryland Ave. We wove our way through the downtown corridors of buildings and buses to the waterfront. We stopped by the Tawny to snap this goofy photo. At this point in the ride the heat was obviously starting to get to us. We continued on to Fell’s where we sat on the pier. There we toasted Hemingway by reading one of his short poems and raising our water bottle. (It was just too damn hot for beer.) After hanging out on the pier a while we decided to start to head back. We rode through Little Italy (one of my old stomping grounds) to Lombard where we then committed ourselves to Calvert for the spin back.

All in all it was a wonder evening ride totalling somewhere around 15 miles. I can’t wait to ride back down town again.  Cheer’s for bikes and Hemingway!!! A great combination.