(hey check it out- i’ve been deputized into the brigade)

The Moonlight Madness ride has been happening for several years, but I never had ridden it. The organizer, Bob Moore, died earlier this year and I felt that the ride needed to continue at least as a memorial for him. I somewhat reluctantly decided to organize the ride. I threw around some emails, talked it up here and there and printed cues for the ride, but I really had no idea what to expect for a turnout. Yikes! 60+ riders, smiling and eager for a beautiful cruise through charm city.

At 8:30 the riders snaked through Charles st. traffic peacefully. We got a round of cheers as we rolled past the Art Scape booths north of Penn Station. North towards Loyola and Notre Dame, the group broke up into several smaller clusters- everyone chatty, discussing their own personal biking worlds. At the start, I was hectically darting from the front of the group to the back, trying to check on everyone, but eventually settled down and quit worrying about the safety of all these good people. I reminded myself that, like me, all these riders have experienced and come to terms with the difficulties of biking in B’more. They knew what they were doing. Just settle down and enjoy the ride.

Some moments of getting lost south of Bolton hill, re-grouping near Lafayette square, comical moments along “the Block” and down to Fells pt. for a lemonade break. Then to the all-knowing glow of Mr. Bo, Patterson park, back across town to Pratt and the Inner Harbor, and up Federal Hill. Finally, an easy cruise back up Charles st. to the Baltimore Hostel again. It was 11:30pm.

I made an attempt to convince the NBBB members to be irresponsible and get a beer (or two) with me at Mick O’Shea’s, but they’d have nothing of it. Best for me too I guess. There was a friendly and sizable crew for the ride back to Hampden- the full moon partly lighting up the potholes and broken glass.