I’d call it casual, but they’re all casual.  A few of us are planning on taking a leisurely ride from the Watertower to Fell’s Point, have a lemonade/other treat at the foot of Broadway, and then return.  We’ll be at the Watertower after 7:30, and we’ll plan to leave at 8:00.  Monday.  Tomorrow.  The 21st.  Hemingway‘s birthday.  Anyone who wants to come is totally welcome.  But please wear a helmet and have your safety lights on.  Safety vests are encouraged and damned stylish.

One caveat:  If there are storms, the ride is cancelled.  Drivers don’t know what to do in the case of storms, and it’s not worth the risk of getting flattened by someone on the phone in a land yacht with the windshield blinded by a downpour.  If there was a place you had to be, it might be different, but this is just fun.  (Before you call us sissies, ask yourself if you ride in the rain and in the winter.  Because we do.)