Anybody that has lived through a Baltimore summer knows what pretty red and orange colors in the sunset means after a hot day. If you don’t know, it means it’s gonna be just as hot if not hotter the next day. Riding in this weather is sometimes not so fun. I just ran out for a quick errand. Maybe 3 miles tops. Half way into my trip I had sweat dripping into my eyes.  Now I do think I sweat a little more then others but when it’s in the 90’s with humidity the playing field seems a little more level.

On my way back from my destination I spotted another biker on the other side of the road.  He , like me, looked as if he was on an errand. He looked in my direction and gave me a sweaty nod as if to say you’re not the only rider dumb enough to come out in this crap.

Now as much as I hate the heat and humidity I find I like it at the same time. It, like the cold of winter, presents a challenge. You can either back down and say “Screw it I’m not riding today it’s to hot.” Or you can embrace it and say “I’m gonna kick the shit out of this heat, nothing is gonna stop me from riding when and where I want.”  Dealing with the elements is all part of it. It’s all part of riding day in and day out and if you take the proper precautions it can be very rewarding.