Yesterday evening I went out with a group of fellow riders to ride on Druid hill. We started out in Hampden on 36th street and rode to the lake.  We circled the lake a couple of time and then a few of us decided to go down the Jones Falls trail. This has quickly become one of my favorite rides in North Baltimore.  When on the wooded part of the trail you could almost forget you’re in the middle of the city. We rode the whole thing all the way down to Penn Station and then back up the switch back behind Stieff.  Despite the fact that I sucked down a few gnats on Fallsway it was a great ride.

Anyone who hasn’t taken this ride really should. There is so much to look at and enjoy. You start with the lake it’s self and the views of the city from the hill. Then you move on to a nice ride through the park which takes you though the woods down into Woodberry. Riding along Fallsway you have all the old mill buildings and light industry. It pretty much for me sums up Baltimore. This ride is a NBBB must.