This is my first post to the NBBB blog, and I’m proud to be a member.

My bike is awesome.  She’s almost three years old and cut her teeth on long rides around southern Illinois, but when she moved to Baltimore, she took the constant up-and-down in stride.

Like Homer’s bowling ball, my bike has a name.  She’s Eleanor Roosevelt, named for one of my fave first ladies who was married to my favorite president (so far).  Eleanor R. is a distinguished lady, as you might imagine.  But don’t you double-park in the bike lane, or she’ll give you an earful.  Eleanor R. and I love riding around north Baltimore in the fabulous new bike lanes that the City has provided.  We just wish the drivers with whom we share the road would stop colonizing our space.  Cars in the bike lane make us slow down, weave dangerously into lanes of traffic, and otherwise put me and Eleanor R. in a cranky mood.  But we’re confident that our car-driving friends will be fine once they get used to seeing more of the two-wheeled kind on the road.

When Eleanor R. and I aren’t on the road, our favorite place to bike is around the reservoir at Druid Hill Park.