Dan/Mule and I took a leisurely ride after dinner last night.  I had a terrible weekend and needed to sit prettily on my seat and let the city air blow through my new messenger bag in the early summer coolness of North Baltimore.  On San Martin, we met a nice retiree with whom we rode through Druid Hill, Clipper Mill, etc. well after sundown.  Not only was this gentleman knowledgeable about bikes in general and about riding around Baltimore city.  He also complimented us for being an “example” to young people who think bikes are for parks and sidewalks when we ride around the city ourselves.

That’s a compliment I heartily accept, if I may ding my own bell for a second (that sounds incredibly dirty).  I am a merit badge counselor for the cycling badge, and you should see kids’ faces when you tell them that you can ride your bike places, instead of waiting for a ride from your parents or waiting to get a license.  “Wait, so I can ride to the movies or my friend’s house?  Huh.  Wow!”  It’s even contagious to adults.

But I’m not taking credit for getting anyone on bikes, other than to show some tricks to a group of youngsters and getting my mom on a big red trike.  If it looks like I’m having fun when I dash past traffic or meander through a park, that’s bike magic, mon.  I’m just the agent of said awesomeness and the part of it that you can see.