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I love my fenders. Anyone who has a set knows what I’m talking about. This is a picture of my nice wet fenders after they did their job for me again today. I got caught in the rain on the way home from the store.  They kept all that dirty road water off of me and my ride. If you don’t have a set I seriously recommend getting a set. They make riding in wet conditions much more tolerable. I’m giving a Saturday toast to fenders. Salude!


I read about this little treat of a tool on Bike Hugger a few months ago. My bike mechanic friend in Portland got wind of my lust for one and hooked me up, even picked the color I would have picked myself.  I should take a photo with my other multi-tools, too.  This is tiny.  I don’t have it on my keys because there’s already too much there.  This baby has come in handy already too, to be sure.

[Photo Friday: Minimalism.]

I’ve been running errands on my bike for a while now but never have I commuted to work. Today I changed that. The morning commute was very pleasant. It was very calming and refreshing. I now believe that it is one of the best ways to start my day. I look forward to many more like it.

The commute back home from work was a little different. The heavy traffic, the suicide lanes of 33rd, and the guy in the green SUV who seemed to like to show me how close he could get to me repeatedly did not make for a peaceful ride home.

All  in all it was a good experience. One I will be repeating, even if it did leave me a little frayed.

Zack (who will appear as an author here) got a new bike last night.  Freakin sweet.

Robert E. Lee Park
It’s sure been a nice spring in Baltimore this year. Usually, we’ve had some hot days by now. Maybe it’s the honeysuckles on Roland Avenue. Maybe it’s the price of gas. But this spring has sure brought a lot of new cyclists out.  More on that later.

This is the North Baltimore Bike Brigade.  We ride in North Baltimore.  Don’t know where that is?  Look up “heaven.”  There might be a picture or something like that.

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